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Residence Villa Alahamar of the Third Age - History | Residencia villa Alhamar

residencia-de-la-tercera-edad-en-fuengirola-historiaVilla Alhamar Residential Home was founded in 1985 by a group of professionals of the geriatric sector who identified a social need in Fuengirola of a Resident home for elderly in which could be offered a human, personalized, professional and comprehensive care.

Our first property was a villa with a yard in the center of the town with a capacity of twelve residents who we all personally know so as their relatives long ago.

This first experience was successful so that in 1998 we inaugurate the first phase of our current property located in urbanización el Lagarejo, with a capacity for fifty eight residents. Subsequent to that in year 2000 we enlarge the property and its capacity up to eighty two residents.

Our residential home offers magnificent facilities, a broad variety of services and activities, geriatric professionals and latest developments in the elderly care
We remain faithful to the values and principles that helped us found this great family which is Villa Alhamar.

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